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How to Choose: Masturbation Sleeves

Masturbation is a normal part of sexuality, with or without a present partner. Partners are not always in synchronicity due to any number of circumstances. The purpose of a Masturbation sleeve is to 1) provide a pleasant textural experience and 2) to act as a “receptacle” so that clean up is a breeze. A masturbation […]

How to Choose: Penis Rings

Why Try a Penis Ring?

The purpose of a penis ring is to temporarily prevent blood flow draining out of a penis, thereby increasing sensation and prolonging erection. Once engorged, the blood vessels in the penis can clamp shut until ejaculation. For some men, the tension from a penis ring can prolong erection even after ejaculation.

How […]

How to Choose: Nipple Clamps

If you enjoy some nipple contact, you may be pleasantly surprised at the erogenous potential of a simple nipple clamp.
If you generally have unresponsive nipples, you may be impressed by the increase in sensation gained through these simple toys. Just remember never to leave a clamp on for longer than 20 minutes until you know […]

How To Choose: Safer Sex Supplies

There are a number of products designed to protect against oral, digital, or genital transmission of STIs. We’ve restricted our selection to what we consider the best available in each category. When we decide what latex products to carry, we search for products with low protein content. Latex allergies are triggered by the proteins in […]

How to Choose: Strap On Harnesses

When looking at strap-ons/dill harnesses, ask yourself a few simple questions to narrow the field:

What style of harness would be best for me?

Pelvic harnesses are worn with the base of the dill positioned on the pubic bone. This option allows the most variety of positions and really hot visuals. Pelvic harness use tip: clitoral stimulation for […]

How to Choose: Vaginal Exercisers and Dilators

These two categories are related because they relate to making the pelvic muscles “tighter” or “more relaxed”. We’re emphatically not medical professionals, but when it comes to the vagina, we know our tools!

What is a Vaginal (or Kegel) Exerciser and how do I choose one?

The Pubococcygeus (PC, or Kegel) muscles are the muscles located at […]

How to Choose: Vibrators

We’ve made a conscious decision to include only quality products in our store. Nowhere is this decision more evident than in the vibrator category! You may have seen products that appear to be the same design for less money; we caution you to look closer. Some manufacturers producing sex toys have little or no concern […]

About our Buying Policy

Hard to believe, but even after many years of raising safety and quality issues, we remain the only sex toy retailer to eliminate cheap electronics, rubber “jellies” and (phthalate-leaching) soft vinyl products from our inventory. You’ll also not find any deceptive “lotions and potions” on our shelves nor trashy packaging (where more money is invested […]