Afterglow Soy Oil Massage Candle

Afterglow Soy Oil Massage Candle

When people pick up the Afterglow Soy Oil Massage Candle in the store they say “Ooh!” before they even light the wick.

We think manufacturer Jimmy Jane really got the formulation right on this product. Made of a proprietary blend of jojoba, shea butter, vitamin E, soy and aloe, the low melting point of these candles is perfect for pouring onto your delighted partner. Great for sensory play, the melted oil is warm enough to thrill, but not so hot as to burn the skin.

The elegant porcelain container with its pour spout is a lovely touch, as is the desirable packaging. But what really sets this line apart (and makes people ooh and ahh) is the scent. In contrast to other manufacturers in the adult market (who seem to think that “cherry” and “bubblegum” are the only sexy smells), Jimmy Jane has made their candles smell rich, deep and luxe. How does sexy smell? Jimmy Jane has it figured out.

SIZE: 4.5 oz/127g Burns up to 32 hours.

Owner's Manual


Cucumber water:
soybean oil, shea butter, pamarosa oil, jojoba oil aloe vera, vitamin E, 2.6 nonadien-1-ol trans cis, adoxal, benzyl salicylate, cis-3-hexenyl acetate, citronellol 950, cyclamen aldehyde, galaxolide 50 DEP, geraniol, hexyl cinnamic aldehyde, hydroxycitronellal, isopropyl myristate, lilial, melon articifial, methyl octine carbonate, phenyl ethyl alcohol, styrallyl acetate, tonalid, viridine

Dark vanilla:
soybean oil, shea butter, palmarosa oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, ambrettolide, anisic aldehyde, anisyl alcohol, bacdanol, cedarwood oil texas light, cedramber, coumarin, delta docecalactone, delta nonalactone, delta undecalactone, dihydromyrcenol, dioctyl adipate, ethyl vanillin, eugenol, gamma decalactone, gamma dodecalactone, heliotropine, hexyl salicylate, iso E super, iso propyl quinoline, methyl laitone 10 TEC, veltol plus, vertenex, vertofix

soybean oil, shea butter palmarosa oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, dioctyl adipate, iso E super, cedarwood oil texas light, cedramber benzyl benzoate, cedarwood oil virginia, cognax white oil, davana oil, oakmoss givco, vertenex, vertofix, ambroxan anisic aldehyde, benzyl alcohol, butterome, cashmeran, coumarin, cyclotene, ethyl vanilla, eugenol, gamma dodecalactone, heliotropine, iso propul quinoline, isobutyl quinoline, javanol, mousse de metra, santalex T, vanilla absolute, vanillin, veltol plus, d-limonene