International Women’s Day 2017

Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030
 Message from UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka on International Women’s Day 2017

Best of the City 2017!

We are proud to announce that Westender readers voted us #1 Best Sex/Erotic Shop in their annual Best of the City survey!

Thanks so much to Westender readers, and to all of you who recommend our store. Word of mouth recommendations are the most meaningful feedback, and we are truly grateful for your support.

Best Sex Toy Store 2016!

It is a thrill to be named Best Sex Toy store on The Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver list for another year. 2016 marks the 19th year in a row, and it never gets old. We are always grateful and privileged to have earned your trust.

It’s been an exciting year!
• We were featured on Dan Savage’s […]

We’re on the Savage Lovecast!

We’re so excited to announce that Womyns’ Ware was featured on Dan Savage’s Savage Lovecast!  Buyer Cass King was honoured to chat with Dan about all manner of sex toy questions. We try to keep it classy around here, but this was an occasion that made us go OMGOMGOMG SQUEEEEE!

It’s Flogger Season!

It’s that time again, when pumpkin spice is everywhere and Value Village becomes even more of a zoo. You know what item we sell a lot of on Halloween? Floggers. Best we can figure is that Halloween is a great time to pick up a flogger and pretend that it’s for a costume! Luckily, we just received a […]

Best of Vancouver 2015!

We are deeply grateful to Georgia Straight readers for voting us Best Sex Toy Store in Vancouver. It means so much to us that you trust us to provide the accessories for the most intimate moments of your lives!

Congratulations to all the winners! Here are a few that we’re particularly proud of: Kitty Nights West for […]

How to buy a green sex toy

Stick with us as a retailer (our buying practices filter out the least benign products) and focus on toys with these attributes:

recyclable or no packaging,
sustainable production,
long shelf life, and
replaceable component parts.

Those qualities produce sustainability, even when the product material itself is difficult to recycle.

At our buying stage, questions about sustainability focus on production consumption, waste, […]




About the Industry


Here are some of our thoughts about the lesser aspects of the Adult Toy industry. We passionately believe in creating a juicy oasis of sensibility in a desert of sketchy business practices!

Considering the serious health risks associated with glass dildos and those jelly rubbers, how can sex toy sellers get away with selling them?

Ever noticed the […]

Battery Care

Battery Care FAQ

Isn’t it best to use “no name” batteries in my vibrator? I heard that quality, name brand batteries will burn out a vibe motor.

While you most certainly *can* use “no name” batteries in your vibe (just as you *can* use “no name” batteries in your TV remote), we don’t recommend it. We recommend good […]