Bob Butt Plug

Bob Butt Plug

An unsurpassed design feat makes this anal toy “da-bomb”. At first glance Bob is visually sophisticated to be sure but to truly appreciate its design elegance one needs to appreciate how a butt plug functions. These Bob Butt Plugs are intended to stay put once inserted with the bulge past the sphincter muscles while providing stimulation from the fullness or pressure this combination of tasks produces. Whether they deliver on this promise is partially about the diameter of the bulge but far more crucially about the narrowness at the neck. With the B-Bomb toy there is a distinct yet sleek bulge AND an amazing difference between the widest point of the bulge and the narrowness at the neck. It is the narrow neck where the sphincter muscle sits when at rest. And it’s this difference between wide and narrow that makes for a secure feeling while the toy is in use, dissipating “fear” of pop-out. A graceful entry point and silky silicone polish off the overall design.

WARRANTY: One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

DIMENSIONS: 3″ x 1 1/16″

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SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Not compatible with silicone lubricants.

Some specifics:

While LELO refers to BOB as a “gentleman’s” plug, the design is well suited to any person with a rectum!

The toy has a pull-tab (the part that looks a bit like an eyebolt at its base). The tab is also suitable to use for adding a companion vibe if you so desire. To add vibration to your toy experience, match the inner diam. of the tab with a bullet-style or mini-vibe corresponding outer diam. You are looking for a fit that is neither too snug nor too loose. Be certain of your fit!

Any companion vibe MUST be removed from the silicone if you want to boil your silicone toy (3 to 4 minutes, stove top pot of water).