An updated take on the popular “rabbit” vibes, FiFi has an independent motor in each of the “ears”, as well as in the shaft. Holy! Generally we call this style of toy a “dual vibe” since it does the dual job of penetrative and clitoral stimulation in unison but with three motors, we might need to add a trio-concept to FiFi’s accomplishments. Rather than modeling its design on the animal motif originally seen with Japanese toys, FiFi from UK based Je Joue does it with a modern clean aesthetic. Gone are the rabbit ears to be replaced with two slightly teardrop twigs. Regardless of what to call the ears, the intent remains to apply vibration to each side of the clitoris but with a greater intensity due to each twig housing its own independent motor. The twigs have some flex but it should be noted that they are stiffer than the old school flicking bunny ears. The twigs are scion to the shaft, which is ABS plastic beneath a lush silicone skin. This stiffer set up means when you move the toy at the base you will get a direct corresponding movement at the tip of the shaft. The base or end which contains the switches is oblong where you grip, so when you add lube and are making all your best moves the toy won’t spin.

The “volume” buttons at the oblong base are the silver “+” and “-” buttons. This is also where you will feel the magnets that pull the charger into place when the time comes to re-power. The low settings are slow and rumbly and the high quite zippy. There is a much subtler third “channel button” between the silver “connection buttons” which accesses a series of 6 programs. Interesting here is that some of the programs pulse each individual motor separately in a circular pattern around the unit (that’s shaft pulse, clitoris one side pulse, then clitoris the other side pulse for the trio-concept we highlighted earlier) rather than the only option being all three pulsing on and off at the same time, though that feature is also with in the program options. The channel button takes a firm press, which will ensure no accidental changes. Nice with the Je Joue line is the ability to engage the “+” or “-” button within the preferred user program. Hence “channel” and “volume” control. Two hours charge gives two hours pleasure, claims the maker. Variable speed. Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. Aquatic. Seamless silicone covering with ABS plastic surrounding the control buttons.

WARRANTY: One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

DIMENSIONS: 5″ x 1 3/8″

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Owner's Manual


Je Joue vibes have excellent care and use pamphlets once you find them! They are hidden within the packaging, underneath the charger unit. It can take a set of well-manicured nails (or tweezers) to lift the pamphlet out of the little cubby they are so snugly set within!

Some specifics: (1) Je Joue vibes are waterproof but don’t get water on the charger. (2) Not compatible with silicone lube. Soap and warm water applied with a damp cloth (washing away from the control and charger panel) will clean silicone sufficiently. You may use an adult toy cleaner, though unnecessary. (3) NEVER use oil-based lubricants. These will degrade hard ABS plastic shells like the control base on your vibe.

How the Je Joue charger works:

The Je Joue charging system magnets onto the toy rather than plugging into the toy. This means a completely sealed aquatic unit with no openings for water to get in. Je Joue recommends the user attach the charger to the toy then to the outlet and, once charging is complete, unplug the charger from the outlet then detach charger from the vibe. A light under the logo on the vibe flashes to indicate charging is happening and the light glows solid when charging is complete.

Note: Keep the charging aspect of Je Joue toys away from magnetic surfaces and objects as the magnetic charger will attract to the magnetic surface and drain the power.