Foxy is a quality take on the ever-popular “lipstick vibe” design, which compares beautifully to the classic Pocket Rocket or Water Dancer. Discreet and handbag-sized, we think this toy will end up in many an evening clutch. (See what we did there?) Like many familiar with the Water Dancer, you’ll get the gist of operation and battery insertion issues at a glance at the Pocket Toy Friend’s two-part unit design. The toy separates at the mid point. On top is the silicone tip and on bottom the battery compartment, which also serves as a handle. An arrow on the top half lines up with the words “OPEN, OFF and ON” embossed into the ABS plastic bottom half. Perhaps obviously, it’s single speed. The unit is waterproof so long as it is in the “off” or “on” position. It’s also a sturdy toy so long as you resist trying to jam the two parts together before lining them up at “Open”. Swedish design. Requires one AAA battery.

WARRANTY: One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

DIMENSIONS: 3 5/8″ x 7/8″

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Look inside the battery housing for the instructions on battery installation. Incorrectly inserted batteries can cause irreparable battery leakage. To open the vibe for battery installation: The V-shaped arrow on the upper casing must line up with the lower casing “Open”, Off” or “On” positions – depending on whether you want to open (for battery insertion), turn it off or turn it on. Forcing the two halves together when the vibe is not in the Open-V-arrow position will stress the metal lead. Not compatible with silicone lubes. Soap and warm water applied with a damp cloth (washing away from the battery compartment) will clean silicone sufficiently. You may use an adult toy cleaner, though unnecessary. The handle is ABS plastic; a material that can be cleaned with soap and water, but not sterilized. This makes the toy suitable for one user, no sharing. While waterproof, still be careful during cleaning to keep water (and lube) out of the electronic control panel (i.e. keep it in the closed switch position). It’s prudent to apply a dab of Vaseline to the translucent O-ring seal every three months or so. After water use, it’s good practice to air the motor compartment (batteries out) to dry.