Goliath has engorged veins and a prominent head, as well as a cavity that accepts a vibe (included), a nice addition to handheld use. Vibe will protrude slightly past the base. Of course, removing the vibe makes clean up easier.

This toy is well designed for harness use with this caveat: you may have to remove the vibe, as the protrusion of the vibe may not be comfortable against the pubic mound.

Vibe runs on one N Cell battery (included). You might want to keep an extra one on hand, as you are not likely to have these lying around the house. Re-Buzz is an inexpensive replacement vibe, and Tango is a great rechargeable option.

WARRANTY: One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

DIMENSIONS: 6 7/8″ x 1 5/8″

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Owner's Manual

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Not compatible with silicone lubricants.

Vibrator must be removed from its silicone companion if you want to boil the silicone (3 to 4 minutes, stove top pot of water).

If you want to remove a vibrator from its silicone housing, we always recommend peeling back the silicone rather than pulling on the vibe. Don’t tug the vibe out.


The little bullet vibe included with your silicone toy is best thought of as a “gift with purchase” as it is not designed with a long life in mind.
The vibe’s battery compartment may also have an essential plastic inner sleeve. The sleeve makes it easier to position the button cell batteries and holds the batteries in place. Keep the sleeve where you first find it so that your battery insertion instructions are right side up and operational. Finally, only tighten the vibe’s cap in increments by twisting the cap bit, by bit, to make sure you don’t tighten it too hard, too far, and without caution too fast. Twisting it vigorously and tightly may crack or break your cap.