magic wand rechargeable

Magic Wand Rechargeable

The mighty Magic Wand rechargeable enters the 21st century with a cordless model that’s every bit as powerful as the original. If you’re already a fan of this perennial favourite, you’ll find the same rumbling frequency and power, along with some design improvements. The new model boasts a silicone head, which is easier to clean than the original vinyl head, and its satiny finish is enticing to touch. There are also multiple settings to choose from.

There are four power settings, that compare to the original (in our estimation) like this: (1) about 60% of the original low speed, (2) original low speed, (3) halfway again towards the original high speed, and (4) original high speed. Still, it’s a Magic Wand Rechargeable, so make no mistake, all speeds are powerful! Also new to this model are 4 variable pulsation settings. One last improvement – it does seem quieter than the original. One small quibble, it’s not waterproof, so don’t immerse it. If you’re looking for a powerful waterproof wand, check out the Smart Wands by Lelo.

WARRANTY: 1 year against manufacturing defects.

DIMENSIONS: head 2.4″ x 2.4″, total length 13″

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Generic Care Information


Owner's Manual

Care & operational instructions are with your packaging. Follow the manufacturer instructions for use and wash only the silicone head not the body of the vibe itself. Think a plug in kitchen appliance – you do not immerse the unit in water!

The surface of the head is made of silicone; a material that is compatible with water-based lubes but NOT SILICONE LUBES, which will adhere to the surface the toy. Soap and warm water applied with a damp cloth (wiping away from the handle) will clean silicone sufficiently. You may use an adult toy cleaner, though unnecessary.

The manufacturer recommends that you let the lithium ion battery discharge almost completely before charging it. The display will glow red. Complete charging time is three hours; the indicator light will switch to green when it is fully charged. Leaving it on its charger is not recommended. And should you ever get nostalgic for your old, non-rechargeable magic wand, it’s totally possible to operate this version while it’s plugged in and charging!

One last thing: the manufacturer has opted to automatically shut off the toy after 20 minutes. If that happens, just turn it back on again! It’s not a defect, it’s just a strange engineering choice!