Why Try a Penis Ring?

The purpose of a penis ring is to temporarily prevent blood flow draining out of a penis, thereby increasing sensation and prolonging erection. Once engorged, the blood vessels in the penis can clamp shut until ejaculation. For some men, the tension from a penis ring can prolong erection even after ejaculation.

How Do I Put a Penis Ring On?

Before the penis becomes fully erect, put the ring around the penis (and if the ring is very stretchy or adjustable, the scrotum). It should fit snugly but comfortably. If the ring is a solid model you will need to drop your testicles one at a time through the ring and tuck your penis through last. As you can imagine, this is much easier to do when your penis is flaccid! Adjustable rings usually employ snaps or a lasso style slider – these have a wider, looser option for the getting it on stage and make encompassing testicles and penis a breeze.

How Long Can I Wear a Penis Ring?

Experienced users sometimes prefer to wear the penis ring tighter or for longer periods of time, but it’s safest to start slow! A good length of time is 20 minutes, and less if it becomes uncomfortable for any reason.

We’re done. How Do I Get the Penis Ring Off?

Adjustable rings are easily removable, and stretchy silicone or elastomer ones should come off easily when stretched wide and tugged. A dab of lube is very helpful.