Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit

Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit

Made up of one jock-style harness, two dills and a small vibrator, we think that this is a great “bend over beginner” kit. We chose this one because we like the dimensions of the dills. We think the “small” one is a good place to start, and the “medium” one is more sizeable but still manageable for a beginner. Another way to contemplate the dills is that one may be more comfortable for vaginal use, and the other for anal: but to each their own, of course!

Both dills are super smooth and lack a head or ridge at the tip, so they are great for the receiver who doesn’t like a lot of texture, but they may require a little more attention from the giver if you want to avoid an unexpected “pop out” during harness use. Nice solid bases and great Tantus quality make these dills an excellent pair.

The harness is adjustable at the leg and the waist, and fits a wide range of sizes. It’s machine washable and comes with two interchangeable rubber O rings, which will accommodate dills of larger dimensions, as you work your way through different levels of comfort. The vibe is just ok. If you really want to make this harness sing, try pairing it with a Tango from We-Vibe.

WARRANTY: 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects (vibe 60 days)


Harness measurements: 30″ – 60″ hips

Silk Small: 7/8″ x 4.5″

Silk Medium: 1 1/4″ x 5 1/2″

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The vibe runs on button cell batteries (included). The switch is sensitive enough to accidentally turn on the vibrator when brushing across it (you also have to be sure that you’ve fully turned it off as its lowest setting is very subtle). After we check the operation of each unit, we install the batteries and stick a tiny paper or plastic “dot” on the end of one of the batteries. This prevents the batteries from discharging during shipping. You’ll want to remove the “dot” to operate your vibe. We raise this so that you’re aware of proper vibe use to avoid running down and replacing batteries more often than you’d anticipated!

The vibe’s battery compartment also has an essential plastic inner sleeve. The sleeve makes it easier to position the button cell batteries and holds the batteries in place. Keep the sleeve where you first find it so that your battery insertion instructions are right side up and operational. If you remove the sleeve for some reason put it back in properly (contact us if in doubt). We can even talk you through making a replacement sleeve if you misplace yours! Finally, only tighten the vibe’s cap in increments by twisting the cap bit, by bit, to make sure you don’t tighten it too hard, too far, and without caution too fast. Snug is fine, but twisting it vigorously and tightly may crack or break your cap. The maker’s label mentions tightening the cap because it’s the cap + rubber O-ring that allow for water use. We want to make sure that you understand that ‘Must Close Cap Tightly’ does NOT mean ‘Over Tighten Cap’!