Vitality Plus by Leaf

Like any good Canadian, Vitality+ strives to do the right thing without making a big fuss or show of it. Success environmentally comes by way of a long-lasting silicone body, rugged Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery, waterproof operation, a natural canvas carry bag, and unbleached cardboard packaging.

The rest of the nuances in use come from the shape of the vibe. Vitality+ resembles a lanceolate entire leaf in shape (tapering to each end, the margin or edge is smooth throughout), though narrower and “opposite” in arrangement, meaning two distinct leaves arise from the same node. Vitality+ has new programs and modes, a ‘plus’ when compared to her sister vibe, the simpler, variable speed Vitality.

Vitality+ has three levels of constant vibration and two program modes. Each motor is controlled by its own independent switch. This allows for one vibrating leaf against the G-spot and the second against the clitoris. Even more customization is possible in that you can choose a pulsation vibration for G-spot and a low constant vibration for the clitoral leaf or any combo of those combos that works for you. Worth mentioning here: If you find a combination you really like you can set a “Vibration Memory” so next time you turn the vibe on, it will be as you left it. The memory is easy to clear if you decide to try a new combo at another time. The shape of the Vitality+ offers a nice arrangement if you prefer stimulation on both sides (rather than directly on) the clit. We are impressed by how much vibration translates through these elegant leaves. Press and hold both buttons for four seconds to lock (also clears the “Vibration Memory”) repeat to unlock. A red light indicates charging is taking place and goes out once fully charged. Variable speed. Aquatic. Rechargeable. Silicone body. Canadian designed.

WARRANTY: One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

DIMENSIONS: big leaf 3 ¼”L x 1 1/8″ W x 15/16″ Thick, small leaf 2 7/8″L x 1″W x ¾” thick

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To operate, you will first need to unlock the vibe. To do this, hold down both buttons at once for at least four seconds. The lights will flicker and then disappear. Once unlocked, press and hold on a button for two seconds to ramp up the intensity of vibration. The top button operates the larger of two stems, and the bottom button operates the smaller stem. A quick click will turn the vibration off.

To charge your vibe, the charging cable plugs into the little dimple on the back of the vibe. Insert and gently push until you feel it click into place. A red light will glow to let you know that your vibe is charging. The light will then disappear when your vibe is fully charged.

Life vibes are waterproof but don’t take this to mean that basic common sense with electronics no longer applies! Do not get water on the charger! Be absolutely certain that the vibe is dry and clean before attaching it to its charger. Never put the charger into water. As with any other rechargeable electronics, following the Makers Instruction/Operation regime will prolong the operating life of the vibe, its rechargeable battery, and its charger.