We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe is the couples vibe that enables hands-free clitoral and g-spot vibration during penetrative sex. The original game-changing design took the market by storm, the latest iteration is greatly improved.

We’re particularly excited that the Sync is adjustable for width, making it a winning design for many bodies. The original features remain in place: Two motors can operate simultaneously, or in tandem. It’s waterproof and made of top quality silicone. It has a remote control that will operate at a distance of up to three metres. It’s bluetooth enabled, and comes with a great smartphone app that allows you to fully customize your settings and even syncs your vibe with the beat of your music. You can even allow someone else to control it for you, whether they be across the room or across the continent.

We-Vibe Sync sits in a dock to charge. The dock has a lid for discretion and doubles as a travel case. The cord plugs into the dock and the other end to a USB port.

Aquatic (vibe only). Silicone sheath. Remote included.

WARRANTY: 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

DIMENSIONS: insertable side 2 1/2″ L x 1 3/16″ W x 9/16″ thick, clitoral side 2 5/8″ L x 1 3/16″ W x 3/4″ thick

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Owner's Manual

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Warranty returns must include all components (the remote, charger cord, charger base), not just the unit itself. Please note that support for the We-Vibe app is available only at http://we-vibe.com/app-support

Follow the manufacturer’s User Manual for use, cleaning, troubleshooting, syncing the remote, and charger operation.

Some specifics: (1) The inserted card indicating that your vibe is “working fine” is our tester seal of approval as your vibe ships with just enough charge to verify that it’s working but not sufficient charge to put it into action. You must fully charge We-Vibe 4 (6 hours) uninterrupted before the first use. (2) Find a spot that offers an ideal charging environment (where the unit won’t get nudged or bumped during the charging period … so that her USB port stays put at her USB connection) and then make sure either your USB wall socket adaptor or computer plug is securely snug. It shouldn’t be dangling; it should be plugged in. Make sure all connections are tight. Then follow your User Manual’s charging tips. (3) If you take a moment to inspect We-Vibe 4 you’ll notice that the end with the larger profile has a raised mini “oval” where you would find a whale’s blowhole. This is the “On” button. Using the fleshy part of your fingertip (NOT your nails, sharp things could tear the silicone skin) push this button to turn on your vibe. (4) Once on, you may push this button repeatedly to cycle through all the settings or use the remote. The multi function remote allows you to move back and forth through the functions rather than cycle through in a series, which is how the “blowhole” button works. (5) Only the We-Vibe vibrator unit is rechargeable – the remote operates on a CR2032 battery (included). While the bottom-half of your white case is also your charging base, the remote sits in the case just so you won’t lose it. It’s not recharging while it sits there – you need to change your battery when your remote power runs down. The way to tell that it’s the remote (and not the vibe) that is out of power is to return to operating the vibe through its blowhole button. (6) The remote is not waterproof! If you get water in your remote you should open the battery compartment and remove the battery. Once completely dry put it back together and you should be good to go. (7) The charging unit is not waterproof! Do not get water on the charger! Be absolutely certain that the vibe is dry and clean before pairing it with its charger. Never expose or put the charger into water. As with any other rechargeable electronics, following the Makers Instruction/Operation regime will prolong the operating life of the vibe, its rechargeable battery, and its charger. (8) Because nothing actually plugs into the We-Vibe 4 it is totally waterproof so feel at liberty to bring your We-Vibe into a shower or tub, while leaving the remote and charger unit “high and dry”. (9) The outer skin of the vibe is made of silicone; a material that is compatible with water-based lubes but NOT SILICONE LUBES; those will adhere to it and ruin the appearance of the toy. Soap and warm water applied with a damp cloth will clean silicone sufficiently. You may use an adult toy cleaner, though unnecessary.