Womyns’ Ware Inc. was founded in March 1995 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is a woman owned and operated business founded on the tenets of its original two co-owners, who established what they prefer to call a women’s sexuality business as a political statement. Sex is everywhere in our society yet it is rarely celebrated. Instead, sex is exploited to sell everything but sex. Womyns’ Ware Inc. believes that if we can talk about and understand our pleasure, the world will be a better place. We are in the business of providing an environment, services and products for the celebration and empowerment of women’s sexuality.

We’re proud of our open shop windows located in the heart of a vibrant shopping district. So often the experience of someone shopping at mainstream XXX stores is to conclude that all sex toys are poorly made junk. We’re obsessed with the goal of ensuring that the ultimate purchase is a good one for each particular customer. We insist that we can run a Women’s Sexuality business as if we were selling any other common consumer good. Feminist idea? Heck yes, we’re feminists! The whole “womyn” thing in the name is supposed to reveal our feminism upfront (and be trademark-able, where “woman” is not). Are we any fun? Our mascot is a giant purple dancing lady with green pubes. Obviously, we think we’re hilarious.

Womyns’ Ware Inc. seeks to celebrate anyone who wants to explore their sexual expression in greater depth than is generally represented in the business, health, education and media realm. Broadcast media, advertising, school curriculums, memes, and magazines “tell” us how our sex should look. We are mainstreamed into believing that we are sexually educated, (since sex is on every magazine stand, billboard, and newscast) yet there really isn’t much concrete information to go along with the assumptions. Being in the forefront saying “sex is good and fun and healthy”, publishing an ad in the front of a mainstream newspaper, airing a TV commercial before 10 pm, using the word “clitoris” in our publications, operating a shop in a diverse, vibrant, community shopping district, working to support OPT BC and other local sex positive organizations – that’s the work that we are doing to establish new territory in social thought and acceptance. Basically, we won’t stop until joy replaces shame.
Our focus is on women’s sexuality, and we welcome men, trans people and all allies along the gender spectrum! While an extremely lofty goal, we hope that our approach to sex contributes to a change in our society’s overall sexual health. Every time you join us in this mission we all get closer to the goal.
“Thank you for the information. I definitely find your business very educational and a great asset to women everywhere! Thank you for attending to [my partner’s] birthday gift”.

“I just wanted to thank you guys for a great job, my order arrived the very next day, even though it was Saturday! I wasn’t expecting it for another week! Everything arrived nicely packed and everything was of the highest quality! ”

“We dropped by the store: the staff was helpful, honest, open and friendly. Needless to say it was a wonderful first time experience. Thank you!!! Your awesomeness is seriously appreciated!!”

“I was happy to see that the products I bought were in stock. It was a completely non-judgemental store, and I felt comfortable shopping there. I would recommend this place to my friends, and not hesitate about bringing them there. Staff wisdom/knowledge is second to none.”

“As a married couple who enjoy adding toys to our play time we have had some pretty bad purchases in the past. It was really refreshing to find a retail outlet for vibes and such that wasn’t just trying to sell us anything. There was some really solid advice and a great down to earth website. Congrats and thanks.”

“I have always said to people who don’t know, ‘Womyns’Ware is the only Adult Toy Store I know of that improved the neighbourhood'”.

[Regarding a warranty concern] ” I just wish to thank you, for making an unpleasant task a rather pleasant one, I am more than satisfied with the outcome. You have definitely gone out of your way to satisfy a customer, but perhaps what makes this so nice is that you have not gone out of your way, but instead have done what you always do, respect your customer. So once again thank you, I look forward to my next purchase.”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site. I’ve been cruising the sex toy online shops, having never bought anything like this before. Many sites seem informative, but yours gives more info, pro and con. I’d never read before that jelly rubber is toxic, etc. The fact that you care this much about your customers’ health and pleasure is why I’ve chosen to visit your shop. You deserve the business. Thank you!”