Womyns’Ware Inc. does not offer returns, because our customers don’t want us to! Nobody wants us to put returned merchandise out on the floor for sale again. Most consumers reasonably expect sexual products to be nonreturnable, just as swimsuits, undergarments and lingerie are, and pretty much for the same reasons.

The simplest way of guaranteeing that our inventory is 100% new is to deem products used once they leave the shop. This iron-clad guarantee means our customers are confident that Womyns’ Ware Inc. will never sell a previously owned product.

Absolutely not! In our opinion, many of the biggest problems of sexual incompatibility between partners can be solved by the loving and communicative use of toys!

• One partner orgasms faster than the other? Together, luxuriate with a toy while focusing on the partner with the slower arousal arc. Spend some quality time with a toy first, before getting down to “the usual”. Or take a break from the activity that’s about to send your partner over the edge, and use the toy to keep building your arousal. This is really a great method for reaching that beloved-but-not-always-achievable mutual orgasm. Or hey, if the partner with the penis ejaculates, and the partner with the vag still wants penetration, GAME ON!
• Long Distance Relationships become a lot more enjoyable!
• One partner wants sex more frequently? Some privacy and a favourite toy to the rescue!
• Gender play!

Yes! We can absolutely help you to find the right solution. A high quality lubricant is a great place to start, and a toy that has penetrative potential. There are many variations on the size, shape, materials, and function of a penetrative toy, so that’s where a one-on-one discussion comes in. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution! Give us a call or come on in to the store and we’d be glad to have that discussion.
We never have, because we view the practice as tantamount to discrimination against both men and women whose partners are men. Women with male partners have every right to want equal access to shopping alongside their intimate partner. They’re engaged in making an important decision about adding sexual products to their sex life. They ought to be able to have their partners along, at their choosing. Additionally, the very concept has the tinge of painting men with a negative brush. We welcome every one who shares in our mandate to celebrate and empower women sexually and we certainly do NOT wish to send the message that men can’t or won’t participate in this mandate in a positive way. Every day is women’s day at Womyns’Ware!
Of course, we would be happy to leave you to browse in peace! We just won’t assume that you want to be alone just because you are “in a sex shop”. In fact, we assume just the opposite. We assume that you would like the consultation and support that we advertise.

Typical sex toy stores have one staff member, generally behind a counter. All the products are on peg boards, and there is a “you pick” self serve expectation that you will make up your mind on your own and bring your selection to the cashier.

To us, “superior customer service” means delivering on our philosophy, supporting our customers, and delivering information in a frank and forthright manner. Our ultimate goal is to respect your privacy and to provide the product details that will ultimately guide the selection outcome and have the best possible “take home” experience.

Sex shops usually cannot allow anyone under the age of 19 into their premises due to the terms of their licensing. Most XXX stores sell explicit graphic sexual materials (books, magazines, film depicting persons engaged in sex acts, and related imagery). Womyns’ Ware does not carry these restricted items and so we do not operate under those terms of licensing.

At Womyns’Ware there is no age restriction, meaning that age is not a barrier to making a product selection of any sort. But, we will refuse to engage in a transaction with someone (of any age) who presents as intoxicated or lacking capacity (due to age, mental state, etc.) because we do not allow returns.

These considerations are in a way related to sexual products (and healthy sexuality) but they are equally related to sales of goods and our unwillingness to take funds from someone who doesn’t have the legal capacity to enter into a sales transaction.

Sorry, no. We have an expectation of privacy: for ourselves, for you, and for the next customer through the door. Acquiring sexual health and intimacy products is private.

That said, we get that the virtual world can be part in parcel of the shopping experience so when a customer asks permission to Skype-shop with their partner across the pond we’re more than ready to work with the customer to make that possible.

We really resist classifying products by popularity because we don’t want to distract our customers from making the decision that’s right for them. After all, who determines what’s popular? Often, all it takes for a sex toy to be popular is for the toy to be featured on TV or in a magazine. We would rather have a discussion about your specific needs than tell you about what’s popular, so that you can make the informed decision that’s right for you.
Press and hold the power button, or the “-” button. Usually.