General Questions




Why Choose a Sex Toy?

Why Choose a Toy at all?

Sex toys are not necessities of life, they are accessories. Just as we don’t rely solely on our bodies for transportation, there is no need to rely solely on our bodies for sexual enjoyment.

Sex toys have the potential of igniting our sexual imagination and reviving our sexual practices but this […]

Buying a Toy as a Gift

It’s a lovely impulse to purchase a toy as a gift. It’s also the most personal purchase you could ever try to make! Assuming the intended recipient hasn’t sent you a direct link to a product, our best advice to you is to include them in the buying process. Consider coming in together and browsing […]

Dealing with Feelings

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable, and discomfort shows up in lots of different ways for people. Maybe you get the giggles, or you don’t want to talk to us, or you hang on to your friend or partner for dear life, or you talk louder that usual and make corny jokes. Trust us, we have […]

Custom Orders and Special Requests

We pride ourselves on our over-the-top customer service, and with 20+ years in the business, if we don’t have it, we probably know where to get it!

So can we find the toy that you bought 15 years ago that looks like a dolphin? Does the toy you like come in tie-dyed neon green? Can you […]

How Much Time Will it Take to Choose a Toy?

As much as you need! Take a look at our website before you visit. Arrive with some time to spare. We have an incredible amount of product to peruse and it can be overwhelming to take it all in. If you allow yourself time to explore on your own you’ll be better prepared to ask […]

Which Toy Lasts the Longest?

It takes me a long time to orgasm. Which toy has the most staying power?

The staying power of a toy is all about power source. A dildo (or any penetrative toy with no electronics) is going to last as long as your hand and wrist can hold out. A plug-in massager is going to last […]

Which Toy will Awaken a Snoozing Libido?

We’d be stringing you a line if we suggested that any particular toy would remedy a lack of luster! A sex toy does not replace arousal or interest. Being “tired of having sex with ” and trying to enjoy sex when you don’t even want to be having sex are issues beyond the responsibility of […]

Choosing Sustainably Green

Of course, we think that people who value sustainability ought to stick with us as a retailer because our buying practices filter out the disposable garbage!  Aside from that, we advise that you focus on toys with these attributes:

recyclable or no packaging
sustainable production
long shelf life
replaceable component parts

Those qualities produce sustainability, even when the product material itself is […]

What’s the Most Popular Toy?

What’s the most popular?

We really resist classifying products by popularity because we don’t want to distract our customers from making the decision that’s right for them. After all, who determines what’s popular? Often, all it takes for a sex toy to be popular is for the toy to be featured on TV or in […]