At Womyns’ Ware, we don’t do exchanges or returns, but we do offer best-in-the-industry warranty support!

I think my vibe’s not working. What should I do?

Happily, we warrant all products for 60 days and many of the products we sell are also backed by reputable, longer-term warranties, for which we are the authorized warranty center. If you know the name of your product, you’ll find warranty details on its Product Page. If you don’t know the name, feel free to contact us by phone or email! Some other suggestions:

  • Don’t try to “fix it” yourself. It could void your warranty.
  • Tell us what brand (make or model) you have.
  • Sometimes what seems like a malfunction is just a quirk, so we’ll try to troubleshoot the issue. You’d be amazed at how many “batteries in the wrong sequence” and “vibes-in-travel-mode” we’ve “fixed” by email or over the phone!
  • If that doesn’t solve the issue, just grab your clean toy, your receipt and packaging (if you have it), and bring (or send) it back to us for assessment. We’ll give you a reasonable estimate of the time involved to assess, and contact you with the results and warranty options.
  • Whatever is amiss, we’ll do our very best to help. Our aim is to have such an effective warranty process that it alleviates any initial disappointment.

What do you mean by “assessing” and “troubleshooting”?

Well, we do need to figure out if the item is defective or just quirky. Otherwise we’d be sending functional products back to manufacturers. Soon manufacturers would become impatient with us and revert to a standard form of warranty that requires customers to deal direct with the maker, by mail, to a claims department, often out of country, and to pay warranty fees and the cost of return. That’s not the outcome we want!

Okay, so I am sure I no longer have the receipt but my product should still be under the warranty term. What can I do?

The key to our ability to offer this extended warranty is to establish the date of purchase (since it’s for a time period from purchase) and that the purchase was made from Womyns’Ware Inc.

If you registered with us as a customer, we should have your purchase information on file, so please do contact us and we will look it up! If you didn’t register as a customer, and you don’t have a receipt, there’s one more option: track down a bank statement or credit card statement showing your purchase.

Without any proof of payment we may not be able to offer our full warranty service but we are always willing to help you in whatever way we can.

For care information for your particular toy: Search your product, then look for the tab marked “Specifications”