It’s a lovely impulse to purchase a toy as a gift. It’s also the most personal purchase you could ever try to make! Assuming the intended recipient hasn’t sent you a direct link to a product, our best advice to you is to include them in the buying process. Consider coming in together and browsing a bit. You may be embarrassed, sure, but it will be a good experience to spend just a bit of time together, looking at your options.

That said, if you are intent on surprising them, here are some hints:

  • Do your research: Do they have a toy already that they like/dislike? Do you know what works or doesn’t work about that toy for them? Is it too large? Too small? Not powerful enough? The wrong shape? Do they want a toy just for external stimulation or do they want penetration, or both?
  • If they have asked for a vibrator, we recommend one with variable speeds. Most of us settle on one or two settings that we like the best, so the best bet is to have a few settings to choose from.
  • Consider buying a kit or a dill/vibe combination, that way the recipient can use the items in the way that suits them.
  • And lastly, let’s say it again: Gift Certificates are the bomb.