It’s ok to feel uncomfortable, and discomfort shows up in lots of different ways for people. Maybe you get the giggles, or you don’t want to talk to us, or you hang on to your friend or partner for dear life, or you talk louder that usual and make corny jokes. Trust us, we have seen it all and we understand. A visitor feeling weird is not weird to us.

  • It can help us if you tell us how you’re feeling. Chances are we felt the same way the first time we came in to the store! Try to take the sexuality out of it and think of it in another light: if you make it clear that you’re “afraid of heights”, we can start teaching you the basics of safe, sane “rock climbing” within your comfort zone, and make sure you have all the tools for YOUR skill set!
  • Asking questions is great! Don’t hold back out of embarrassment, any question is a good one!
  • Focus on your end goal; let us worry about how you can get there. We can book you an airline ticket but we can’t tell you where you’d like to holiday! We will always make every effort to assist you with what you are trying to achieve. We’ll try to narrow the field of options and make our best recommendation to fit your goals.
  • Drinking or being otherwise altered is unlikely to be helpful, and in fact sometimes we ask people who are sufficiently altered to come back another time. We’re not trying to be judgmental, we’re just exquisitely aware of our no-returns policy.