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How to buy a green sex toy

Stick with us as a retailer (our buying practices filter out the least benign products) and focus on toys with these attributes:

recyclable or no packaging,
sustainable production,
long shelf life, and
replaceable component parts.

Those qualities produce sustainability, even when the product material itself is difficult to recycle.

At our buying stage, questions about sustainability focus on production consumption, waste, […]




About the Industry


Here are some of our thoughts about the lesser aspects of the Adult Toy industry. We passionately believe in creating a juicy oasis of sensibility in a desert of sketchy business practices!

Considering the serious health risks associated with glass dildos and those jelly rubbers, how can sex toy sellers get away with selling them?

Ever noticed the […]

Battery Care

Battery Care FAQ

Isn’t it best to use “no name” batteries in my vibrator? I heard that quality, name brand batteries will burn out a vibe motor.

While you most certainly *can* use “no name” batteries in your vibe (just as you *can* use “no name” batteries in your TV remote), we don’t recommend it. We recommend good […]

Elastomer Care


When cleaning elastomer toys, a mild antibacterial soap and water is sufficient. Air or towel dry. The material has some porousness and for this reason we recommend one use (i.e. Anal or vaginal, no crossing back and forth – even after cleaning) and one user.

Elastomer is compatible with either silicone or water-based lubes but NOT OILS (including […]

Food Grade Vinyl Care

Food grade vinyl is a safe material for sexual products but, still, one that absorbs bodily liquids and will dissolve if exposed to oil based products. Keep it away from massage or other oils; oil melts vinyl. Use water-based lube. If you have any elastomer toys in your collection don’t store them adjacent to this […]

Leather and Fabric Care


(1) After each use wash with a mild soap and water on a cloth. Do Not Soak.

(2) Towel-dry hardware immediately to avoid rust (covering rivets with clear nail polish keeps water off) and hang to dry;

(3) Restore the leather’s natural oils. Do not use Dubin or Mink Oil, these are animal fats and can go rancid. […]

Plastic Care

Silicone or water based lubricants are fine but oil based lubes should not be used. The oil will degrade the plastic. When combining sex and massage remember that massage oils are just that – oil. Same goes for coconut oil!

Hard (ABS) plastic toys can be cleaned for one user and use (no switching between anal […]

Plug In Vibrators (and Foreign Travel) Care

I’m taking an extended trip abroad, how will I charge my vibrator when I’m there?

You’ll need to know a bit about the voltage and plug format of the countries you are visiting.

Sometimes you just need to buy an adaptor that would simply adapt your vibe’s charger plug to the foreign plug format. This would be […]

Nipple Clamp Care

Beware! The black rubber nibs on the tips of your nipple clamps can fall off, and, if lost, are not easily replaced! These nibs are similar to what you find at the end of the metal hook on a bungee cord. You can imagine the bite of the metal clamp on your nipple, should you […]