I’m taking an extended trip abroad, how will I charge my vibrator when I’m there?

You’ll need to know a bit about the voltage and plug format of the countries you are visiting.

Sometimes you just need to buy an adaptor that would simply adapt your vibe’s charger plug to the foreign plug format. This would be the
 case when the two countries are on the same voltage or if the charger has a built in converter (read your manual to find out if this is the case with 
the vibe/charger in question – if your charger has what looks like a “block” that plugs into the wall socket, it most likely is converted).

When dealing with countries where the plug format and the voltage are different, you’ll need a two-part solution. First a converter for power adaptation that is tailored to the country you are traveling to, and second an adaptor that your converter plugs into, made in the appropriate plug format for the jurisdiction you are charging up in.

It may be that you’ll need more than one converter, depending on your itinerary, so spend some time looking at government websites before you buy.

[Update] USB Chargers! Hey, at first we scoffed, thinking it was just more adult industry gimmickry, but the USB charging trend has largely eliminated the need for power adaptors as detailed above! Just plug it in wherever you’d plug in your smartphone!