It takes me a long time to orgasm. Which toy has the most staying power?

The staying power of a toy is all about power source. A dildo (or any penetrative toy with no electronics) is going to last as long as your hand and wrist can hold out. A plug-in massager is going to last as long as the household power supply, give or take that eventually the motor is going to warm up. A rechargeable vibrator will last as long as its battery holds a charge.

With batteries there are three things at play: (1) How much power (voltage) they are putting out. (2) How much power they store (how big is their gas tank). (3) How long do they perform at their optimal power output before they start to drop off in their voltage. This is what all the major battery producers are trying for … the longest duration of optimal performance.

Depending on the modes and functions you put your vibrator through, if your vibrator is powered by alkaline you may sense a reduction in power after a half an hour. Conventional alkaline batteries naturally deliver lower voltage as they are used … the voltage decreases gradually over most of the life of the battery, and then it drops quite suddenly when the battery is fully discharged. Essentially, that’s just how any battery-powered vibe is going to behave. This isn’t because the vibe is bad or defective, nor because the battery is, this is purely a function of the technological support for electronic devices operating on a power-storage basis – a battery! A small battery like the LR44’s (often referred to as “button cell” batteries) can only hold a finite, small, amount of power, because that’s all they are physically able to do!

When looking for long lasting results, think of a non-mechanical toy like a dildo as akin to a window, it doesn’t need a power-source to aid in lighting up the room. The Sun does that! A battery-operated toy is more like a flashlight, you keep it around for short term, emergency use but you don’t plan on lighting your home with it 24/7. A rechargeable-toy is like a smart phone. You can depend on it to do a lot of things for a good amount of time, but will experience a low battery eventually and need to leave it on to charge. And a plug-in vibe is like a vacuum cleaner; you can clean up the whole house with it!