Choose a Toy

Sex toys have the potential of igniting our sexual imagination and reviving our sexual practices. Exploring new ways to play can create an amazing bonding experience.

Why Choose a Sex Toy?

Why Choose a Toy at all?

Sex toys are not necessities of life, they are accessories. Just as we don’t rely solely on our bodies for transportation, there is no need to rely solely on our bodies for sexual enjoyment.

Sex toys have the potential of igniting our sexual imagination and reviving our sexual practices but this […]

How to Choose: Books

Books about sex! Aren’t those a ‘dime a dozen’, you ask? Well, yes and no. There are thousands of books that claim to be about sex. Heck, there are hundreds of books that claim be the best ever about one sexual topic or another. The truth, however, is that we read 50 books for every title that actually passes our buying […]

How To Choose: Butt Toys

For many people, this area of the anatomy is “the last frontier”. Once discovered, many set out to chart new territory of anal exploration. (Ahoy! Why do we feel a pirate booty joke coming on?) Anyways, folks with all bodies can achieve anal orgasm, and there are a wide variety of butt toys.

There are some excellent […]

How to Choose: Bondage Gear

We think of our bondage gear category as a kind of “Play Land”. The concept is that BDSM play is at its basis, playful! Why play? Why not? Why add salt? Why put cream in your coffee? Why try Ethiopian cuisine? Because it is available and it offers some potentially nourishing and tasty results!
Who plays? […]

How to Choose: Butt Play FAQ

What kind of person wants to “have anal sex”? Does anal sex turn men gay? What ways can typical, average couples play, without turning gay, while trying anal sex?

Does eating IKEA’s Swedish meatballs make you a Swede? NO! Likewise, a sexual act doesn’t turn someone gay. If anal play did work that way, there’d be […]

How to Choose: Dildos

Dildos are ideal for penetration. You can manipulate the toy in the way you like. Since you needn’t worry about keeping electronic components dry, dills are easier to clean than vibes. Silicone dills are the longest lasting, easiest to clean toys for vaginal, anal, and, depending on design or accessories, clitoral stimulation. Cleaning silicone is […]

How to Choose: Lubricants

Don’t let anyone tell you “If you are really turned on you won’t need a lubricant”. We think there is no sexual act that can’t be improved with lube. Aside from the obvious uses, it reduces the chafing of five o’clock shadow or trimmed pubic hairs and reduces the frequency of broken condoms. Add lube […]

How to Choose: Masturbation Sleeves

Masturbation is a normal part of sexuality, with or without a present partner. Partners are not always in synchronicity due to any number of circumstances. The purpose of a Masturbation sleeve is to 1) provide a pleasant textural experience and 2) to act as a “receptacle” so that clean up is a breeze. A masturbation […]

How to Choose: Penis Rings

Why Try a Penis Ring?

The purpose of a penis ring is to temporarily prevent blood flow draining out of a penis, thereby increasing sensation and prolonging erection. Once engorged, the blood vessels in the penis can clamp shut until ejaculation. For some men, the tension from a penis ring can prolong erection even after ejaculation.

How […]

How to Choose: Nipple Clamps

If you enjoy some nipple contact, you may be pleasantly surprised at the erogenous potential of a simple nipple clamp.
If you generally have unresponsive nipples, you may be impressed by the increase in sensation gained through these simple toys. Just remember never to leave a clamp on for longer than 20 minutes until you know […]