What kind of person wants to “have anal sex”? Does anal sex turn men gay? What ways can typical, average couples play, without turning gay, while trying anal sex?

Does eating IKEA’s Swedish meatballs make you a Swede? NO! Likewise, a sexual act doesn’t turn someone gay. If anal play did work that way, there’d be a lot higher percentage of gays-to-straights!  Sexual stimulation of a body part does not influence your sexual identity.

Will it hurt? Is it bad both in terms of my physical health and spiritual health? Will I lose touch with my sexual identity if I like it?

These fears are consistent across the gender spectrum. Anal sex is sexual exploration that includes the anus. It can involve massaging, vibrating, licking, probing and yes penetrating as well, if desired. Any person who’s sexual and follows their desire is going to eventually come around to wondering about the anus. Any one with an anus that is willing and able can do it. Now, keep in mind that sexual acts do not always turn out the way you imaged they might. Sometimes they are better and sometimes they just don’t amount to much! At the very least, the attempt should leave you feeling like you had fun. This means making as many good choices as you can to get started.

The fact is the anus really does get a bad rap. What’s it ever done but work hard to keep you clean and healthy. It’s the ultimate detox unit and it has to overcome so much to get a little attention!

The bum is full of fun for people with prostates. The prostate gland is often called the “P-spot” because it is the equivalent of a G spot for men, full of nerve endings and pleasurable experiences. Then there is the “being receptive” bit. It takes more physical concentration to condition the anus for penetration and that can be part of the intimacy and challenge that is enjoyable. One must slow down and connect with their partner. There must be open communication and trust that is established to ensure that the experience is pleasurable. That alone can enhance the sexual relationship that one shares. It’s an opportunity for a whole new level of sexual fulfillment.

What does it turn folks into?

Fully versed lovers. It can be fun to be a giver! It’s a new role, a position of power! Being externally focused and feeling responsible for another persons comfort and pleasure can be empowering and can give one perspective on the lovers who have held this position in the past. After all, you have to know how to be a good lover to appreciate a good lover and to know what to look for if your lovers have not held up to your expectations in the past.

Butts can be nice for people with vaginas, be it their bum or their partners bum! The rectum is full of nerve endings and can add another level to vaginal penetration. It’s possible to orgasm from anal penetration alone or from being double penetrated (anal and vaginal). Putting pressure along the anal canal can create a more defined sense of fullness in the vagina that can be pleasurable.