Books about sex! Aren’t those a ‘dime a dozen’, you ask? Well, yes and no. There are thousands of books that claim to be about sex. Heck, there are hundreds of books that claim be the best ever about one sexual topic or another. The truth, however, is that we read 50 books for every title that actually passes our buying threshold. By applying our “Particularly Precise Purchasing Policy” to book buying, we’ve eliminated scads of books from our title list ’cause most books just don’t make the cut. When it comes to sex, most content ranges from “meh” to “ACK”. The books that we stock, on the other hand, have more to commend them than just the mere mention of sex on the book jacket.

How to choose a book:

  • Subject – does it relate to what you want to know?
  • Tone – Do you like funny books? How-to books with illustrations? Books to share with your partner?