Dildos are ideal for penetration. You can manipulate the toy in the way you like. Since you needn’t worry about keeping electronic components dry, dills are easier to clean than vibes. Silicone dills are the longest lasting, easiest to clean toys for vaginal, anal, and, depending on design or accessories, clitoral stimulation. Cleaning silicone is like cleaning your stainless steel cookware, it’s spotless after a good scrub, while rubbers or soft vinyls are more akin to that old plastic container you’ve got kicking around with the spaghetti sauce stain still visible. Silicone is hypoallergenic, conducts vibration, retains body heat, it’s non-porous, odour free, and resilient. It’s really an ideal material for sex toys.

Some questions to ask yourself when choosing a dildo:

  • Girth: Do I have any penetrative toys that I like? Would I like a toy that’s larger than that? Smaller? Hint: Measure it and compare it to our measurements! Dills are measured by their usable penetrative length (excluding base) and diameter (through the dill, not around) at the thickest point (not the head where applicable). As a general guideline, remember that a “two finger” thickness is just over 1″ in diameter. “Three fingers” are just beyond 1 1⁄2″ in diameter.
  • Length: Do I like cervical contact or would I prefer something in the “cervical safe zone”? FYI the cervical safe zone is usually 6″ or shorter.
  • Purpose: Do I want this for anal play? Vaginal? Will I be using it in a harness or with a partner? Narrow tips make for easy insertion both anally and vaginally regardless of harness or hand held use. When looking for dills for use in harnesses, a helpful hint is to pick something with a “head.” Whether realistic or abstract, a head acts as an indicator, for the person wearing the dill, of positioning during withdrawal to avoid “popping” out and breaking the rhythm.
  • Flexibility: Do I like really firm pressure in a specific area? Or would I like a soft squishy dill that will give a feeling of fullness without pressing on one particular area? The pelvic nerve system is responsible for the sensations you experience with vaginal penetration. Firm upward pressure (the stomach side of the vagina) against the vaginal wall stimulates this pelvic system. Hence, a well-designed vaginal product will allow upward pressure to be sustained.
  • Finish: Smooth and hard? (Choose Acrylic or Stainless Steel) Smooth and flexible? (Classic Silicone Rubber finish) “Realistic” and flesh like with a soft exterior and a firm interior? (Dual core or Vixskin)
  • Warranty: How long does the manufacturer warrant this toy for?

Remember that you’re not alone in your evaluations! We’re always available for consultation by phone, email, or in person! Contact us!