For many people, this area of the anatomy is “the last frontier”. Once discovered, many set out to chart new territory of anal exploration. (Ahoy! Why do we feel a pirate booty joke coming on?) Anyways, folks with all bodies can achieve anal orgasm, and there are a wide variety of butt toys.

There are some excellent books for learning and toys for practicing anal experimentation before delving into penetration with anything. This is a good option for beginners because it may assuage some of the fears that people about things in butts! An ideal starter toy should be silicone, and just large enough to get you past the “finger” stage and just small enough to not challenge your muscles beyond average fitness levels. Moving on to manual manipulation and then in to strap on play for more “advanced” penetration modes and some role play reversal (everyone can be a giver) can be the end game. Or you can just enjoy a bit of added play, ta-daa!

Some questions you could ask yourself in searching for a butt toy:

  • Do I like the feeling of fullness (plugs), or the feeling of insertion and withdrawal (dills), or both (hybrid beads)?
  • How big would I like it to be? (Sometimes it helps to think in terms of finger width).
  • Do I want a plug that goes in and stays put? (Choose a toy with a wider bulb and a narrower neck. The nJoy series are ideal).
  • Do I want my partner to wear it in a harness (dills)?
  • Vibration may increase arousal levels and help to relax the muscles much like a massage will. Do I want a vibrating toy? A toy with a built in vibe, or one where the vibe is removable for easy sterilization?


The rules:

Every toy we offer is pre-screened for anal safety but we’re going to reiterate some anal rules in case you’ve got shoddy toys from some other source.

OK, what the heck is up with “rules”? Why do we need rules for butt play? First of all, it’s a tender area that’s full of nerve endings. It’s also an area of our body that reflexively tenses up when we are stressed or uncomfortable. And finally, the colon doesn’t have a cervix, the way a vagina does. That means that if a toy slips beyond the rectum into the body, it may travel too far inside to retrieve it. So, just a few rules.

  • Do not insert anything that can become lost in the rectum. All toys must have flared bases or secure strings with O-rings for easy withdrawal. If you do not have a way of withdrawing the toy it can travel into the intestinal tract. We’re sure we don’t have to explain why that’s problematic!
  • Use lube — A LOT. When you think you have enough lube add more, then begin your anal exploration, plus don’t be afraid to add more lube as things progress.
  • Do not use lubes that numb sensation. If it hurts, something isn’t quite right. Change the angle, slow down, add more lube or stop. Anal play shouldn’t hurt and your ability to sense pain is your monitor for safety.
  • Anal toys should be checked for rough edges and inspected for deterioration over time.
  • Toys longer than 4″ must be flexible to curve with the rectum.
  • Be cautious of dildos or vibrators that contain rods within their shafts. The rods can break through the toy.
  • Relaxation and communication are the key.

Only silicone or stainless steel toys can be sterilised so that the toy can have multiple uses (ie. both vaginal and anal) or users. Boil your silicone or stainless steel toys in a pot of water for three to four minutes before switching users or uses. Never share a non-sterilised toy! Anal toys can be cleaned sufficiently for a sole user (or use) with antibacterial soap or adult toy cleaner and hot water.

A dill is a dildo regardless of where you put it so there isn’t really such a thing as a “butt” dill. Any silicone toy with a flared base that has the length and diameter you desire is a good butt dill. A base ensures they won’t become lost in the rectum, and the material is ideal. Dills with a head will let you know you are at the end. When withdrawing it won’t be popping out so you won’t have to reinsert the toy unexpectedly.


Anal beads consist of beads on a string that are designed for anal insertion. Beads can be plastic or metal and vary in size and colour. We only offer top of the line beads. (Beware of cheaper alternatives with brittle plastic rings, cotton string, and rough seams)

Some people find that slowly withdrawing the beads at the time of orgasm increases the length and/or intensity of orgasm. The wall between the anus and vagina is thin enough that with additional vaginal penetration there is movement of the anal beads plus withdrawal of the beads through the sphincter muscles is pleasurable. For some individuals, many enjoy the stimulation to the prostate.

Anal beads are inexpensive and it is best that everyone have their own set. Don’t share. As long as you remain the sole user, soaking anal beads in an antibacterial soap and hot water is sufficient cleaning.

HYBRID BEADS are a hybrid between anal beads and dildos. They have the effect of anal beads popping through the sphincter muscles at the time of withdrawal but because they’re continuous rather than strung together, they enable you to create that sensation with repetitive stroking. Made of solid silicone, they can be sterilised and therefore shared.

PLUGS are usually inserted and left in place. Usually they have a bulge on their shaft and they narrow at the base. The narrowest point is where the sphincter muscle rests.  The bulge keeps the plug from working its way out and the flared base assures you won’t lose the plug in the rectum. The walls of the rectum are lined with nerve endings that make anal stimulation especially pleasurable for all. The fuller anal feeling during vaginal penetration can be that little extra they are looking for. Plugs add significant complementary stimulation during oral sex for any gender. People often find stimulation of the prostate gland very satisfying.

We only sell silicone or stainless steel plugs. The alternative would be vinyl-surfaced plugs with a rubber fill. This material is very porous and allows for absorption into the toy. It is impossible to sterilise and the material degrades quickly, leaching toxins into your body. That’s gross! Silicone, on the other hand, rules! Silicone can be boiled for three to four minutes to sterilise. Clean it properly and share it with a friend, and with its resilience, use it for years to come. Its pliability and body-temperature-conducting properties are particularly suited to anal play.

All of our butt plugs are measured for insertable length and for width at their widest point.


Silicone conducts vibration very efficiently. We can’t encourage you enough to try a silicone butt plug with a vibe. The nerve endings in the rectum are acutely sensitive. We’re always happiest selling separate silicone penetrative toys in combination with external use vibrators. You can detach the vibrator during clean up and boil the silicone. Consequently, the silicone toy can be shared or used both for anal and vaginal penetration. A few of our butt vibes have embedded motors, meaning that their electronics can’t be removed so you still can’t sterilize them, but their silicone exterior means that they are non-absorbent and will clean up with soap and water.