If you enjoy some nipple contact, you may be pleasantly surprised at the erogenous potential of a simple nipple clamp.

If you generally have unresponsive nipples, you may be impressed by the increase in sensation gained through these simple toys. Just remember never to leave a clamp on for longer than 20 minutes until you know what you or your partner can tolerate.

Nipple clamps are a simple toy to add nipple stimulation while engaged in oral or penetrative sex. Stimulating both of your lover’s nipples with one finger is as easy as the pull of a chain and saves your other hand for other activities! You can add nipple clamps to masturbation for the same reason.


Do nipple clamps increase sensitivity in nipples that are difficult to stimulate? And what about sizing?

This question really tweaked our interest! We find that a significant number of women (and men) with less sensitive nipples report that nipple clamps are helpful for increasing sensitivity. Here’s why: the prolonged pressure on the nipples and the blood rushing into the nipples (once the clamps are released) arouses the interest of even a slumbering mammary. Most general clamps will fit most nipples so long as the protuberance of your nipples isn’t larger than the diameter of an index finger.

To decide between a narrower bite (Tweezer-style) or a wider, weighted grip (Alligator-style) experiment with (1) Finger tip pinching (2) Thumb squishing, with a slight pull, and (3) Finger nail pinching (the “bite”). If the tip pinch and thumb squish (sounds like an Olympic sport score card) are favoured over the nail bite, go with the Alligator-style. If the nail bite wins over the squish, the Tweezer-style is probably the clamp of choice.