Masturbation is a normal part of sexuality, with or without a present partner. Partners are not always in synchronicity due to any number of circumstances. The purpose of a Masturbation sleeve is to 1) provide a pleasant textural experience and 2) to act as a “receptacle” so that clean up is a breeze. A masturbation sleeve can be used solo or with a partner.

Why try a masturbation sleeve?

It’s an elegant solution to add texture and softness to spice up “the usual”! Changing up the “grip” and intensity of masturbation can help to train the nerve endings of the penis to experience pleasure in a different way, a big bonus for people who can only orgasm in one specific way.

How do I use a masturbation sleeve?

Masturbation sleeves can be used before the penis becomes fully erect or after the fact. Simply turn the sleeve inside out so that the textured surface is on the inside of the sleeve. Lubrication can be applied either to the shaft of the penis or to the inside of the sleeve. The sleeve should fit comfortably around the shaft of the penis with the inside-texture creating a pleasant suction or bearing down sensation; think, “shake weights” on the horizontal.

Will using a masturbation sleeve desensitize me to “the real thing”?

No. A masturbation sleeve will not act to desensitize a penis any more than regular masturbation will. In fact, acquiring a variety of different sleeves is a good way to avoid having a routine in masturbation that leads to your penis only responding to “death grip routine 101”.

Why is there a shelf life for most sleeves?

On the upside, the materials are designed to be soft and “fleshy”. Pragmatically this means the material will not stand up to the wear and tear that a denser more rigid material might.