Dare Me Pleasure Set

This is the most elegant set of implements for BDSM beginners, or those who want a night of light sensual play. Lelo, the manufacturers, have skimped on neither materials nor design in this deluxe kit. Suede, silk, silicone, fixtures, finishing… high end quality, top to bottom.

Let’s start with the flogger: We really can’t say enough about the weight and the feel of the lovely handle, made of smoky acrylic. Luxe silver fixtures attach fine suede tails, and lots of them. This is a lovely implement for anyone’s kit. It’s soft enough for teasing sensual play and/or warming up. It’s also just heavy enough to get a little sting out of the tails if you swing it sharply. Also a nice feature: It’s not terribly long, so if space is an issue, you’ll do fine with this flogger.

Next come the Luna Beads: These are a genius little design. If you like classic “Ben Wa” balls (usually two small and somewhat heavy balls, inserted vaginally and held in by flexing the PC muscles), then you can use these smoky grey Luna Beads on their own. If you like the feeling of insertion and withdrawal that you get with “SmartBall” style exercisers, you can insert the balls into their silicone holster. Either way, you will still feel the sensation of the “rocker” balls rolling around inside the plastic spheres. Insert them, then go ahead with whatever else you are planning on doing, for a little hands-free stimulation. Worth noting is that these are not in any way designed for anal use. Luna Balls come with a little silk carry pouch.

And now onto the cuffs. These are, shall we say, gentle. They are well made but you might want to invest in something heavier if you have one of those submissives that turns into a raging she-beast. That said, they are made of strong black silk and fine, soft suede and they feel lovely to touch.

Just a word about the price: There are many kits on the market appealing to this market, especially after a certain trilogy of books was published. Almost without exception, these kits are cheap, in every sense of the word. If you will indulge us a moment, we’d like to make a soapbox pitch for buying quality: When you buy cheaply made things, don’t you feel just a little cheap using them? Doesn’t really matter whether you’re talking about BDSM implements or a dollar store spatula, it pays to invest in quality. Even if you don’t wind up being “into” BDSM, you can always use the Luna beads for exercise, the flogger for massage and sensual play, and the cuffs for – a hairband? Maybe that’s stretching it a little. Still, you get the point. Thank you for your indulgence.

WARRANTY: One year warranty against manufacturing defects.

DIMENSIONS: Flogger handle 5.5″, tails approx 8″ , Luna Beads 3″ insertable holster, Each bead is 1 1/8″ diameter. Etherea Cuffs: 2 7/8″ wide, 5″ long, each tie is 24″ in total (so about 12″ of useable length)

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