Jam Slimvibe

‘SLIMVibes by Fun Factory are slender, one speed, waterproof wonders with an amazing warranty. Battery operated, silicone, and as simple as they get, these vibes are great for beginners, those looking for slender toys, and people on a budget. One small consideration for beginners and those buying for someone else: these vibes have a single speed only. If you don’t exactly know what you want in a vibrator yet, you may want to go with a variable speed vibe. Some options are highlighted below.

Jam is a shorter, pocket rocket sized toy. It has some gentle texture that will feel good with either external or internal use. The shaft of the toy is firm, and the tip is soft and fun to squish. Works with one AA battery.

WARRANTY: 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

DIMENSIONS: 1″ x 5 3/4″

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Owner's Manual



Helpful hints: (1) You need one AA battery. Review your packaging. It illustrates how the batteries are inserted. Do not remove the paper liner with the battery illustration. Seems funny, but it’s necessary to the operation of the toy! To open the battery compartment, twist it open, one click past the “on” setting. (2) Vibe not working? Check the batteries and the cap. Take out the batteries, review the illustration diagram, and start over with install. Then put your cap back on as instructed.(3) It is possible to put the cap on backwards, in which case your vibe won’t work! When replacing the cap, check that you’ve got it right way round. (4) The shaft of the toy is made of silicone; a material that is compatible with water-based lubes but NOT SILICONE LUBES; those will adhere to it and ruin the appearance of the toy. (5) Soap and warm water applied with a damp cloth (wiping away from the battery compartment) will clean silicone sufficiently. You may use an adult toy cleaner, though unnecessary. If you fear you’ve gotten water into the battery compartment, take out your batteries and let the compartment air-dry.