Battery Care FAQ

Isn’t it best to use “no name” batteries in my vibrator? I heard that quality, name brand batteries will burn out a vibe motor.

While you most certainly *can* use “no name” batteries in your vibe (just as you *can* use “no name” batteries in your TV remote), we don’t recommend it. We recommend good quality batteries for good quality vibes . Cheap batteries are designed to provide the exact same voltage as a good quality brand-name battery, but they are manufactured to a lower quality standard. The result is that cheaper batteries can vary in voltage…either higher or lower than rated! So there is actually a *greater* chance of damaging electrical devices with cheap batteries. Another factor to consider is that cheaper batteries often have a lower amp-hour capacity. In other words, they don’t last as long. Another area where the quality difference becomes apparent lies in the battery casing. A cheaper battery casing is more likely to leak or corrode, while a good quality battery will retain the same secure, sealed exterior, even when the battery runs out of juice. If a cheap battery corrodes inside your vibe’s battery compartment, it is often difficult and many times impossible to adequately remedy the damage done. In our twenty years of experience we have never recommended cheap batteries for anything… not even the TV remote!

Oh No! Battery Corrosion!

If you do accidentally get water in your battery compartment, take out the batteries and let the vibe air dry. A damp Q-tip dipped in baking soda is small enough to get into the battery compartment and baking soda neutralizes acid, so try this cleaning technique should battery corrosion occur.

Yes, the order matters!

We know, that sounds obvious, but when batteries are incorrectly inserted, vibes can sometimes seem like they are “sort of working” but not functioning as they should. If this happens, check the batteries and the cap. Take out the batteries, review the illustration diagram, and start over with install.