Designed and made in Germany, Fun Factory’s Stronic toys don’t vibrate; they thrust back and forth. And now they do even more: the Bi Stronic Fusion has a clitoral stimulator that vibrates. This toy thrusts and vibrates at the same time. (Whoa!) Additionally, it’s rechargeable, silicone, and waterproof. It also has an all-important travel lock. If you’re a fan of rotating Rabbit-style vibes, this is next-level design.

Three buttons control the power, intensity and vibration patterns. The bottom “Fun” button powers the toy on/off. The middle button controls the thrust, and the top one controls the clit vibe. FUN FACT: you can save your favourite setting by pressing and holding the FUN button. To return to factory settings, just press and hold the FUN button for 6 seconds.

WARRANTY: 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

DIMENSIONS: 4.25 x 1.5, clit vibe 1.75 x 1.75

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Generic Care Information

Owner's Manual

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WITH PACEMAKERS. Not compatible with silicone lube. 1) Hold the bottom two buttons together to lock the toy for travel or storage. Hold the “FUN” and “top” buttons together to unlock. The vibe can take up to 16 hours to charge completely. 2) The vibe is sold WITHOUT a charge. BEFORE USE it must be FULLY charged for up to 16 hours. Once this initial charge cycle is complete, the toy may be kept plugged into its charger whenever it’s not in use, though this is not necessary as Fun Factory batteries do have a very slow discharge. 3) Soap and warm water to clean