Care Information

Stainless Steel Care

Our stainless steel toys are compatible with water-based, oil-based, or silicone-based lubes.

Stainless steel has a long shelf life (it doesn’t degrade or fatigue, for example) but you want to be careful not to scratch the surface- so keep it safe from contact with other metals or abrasives. That would include abrasive cleaners.

You may boil your […]

Vibrator Care

Just like other electronics, don’t leave them charging on a soft surface, don’t let the cords get tangled and knotted, don’t leave batteries in for too long. Pretty simple, really. If the manufacturer has included a care pamphlet, definitely check it out. Sometimes a quality product has a weird design quirk that doesn’t disqualify it […]

Vibrator Troubleshooting Care

My vibe is warm (not too warm, but still I worry). What should I do?

It’s normal for ANY battery-operated device (flashlight, remote control, laptop, vibrator, etc.) to generate heat during operation. A warm vibe is fine. If your vibe becomes HOT, discontinue operation and troubleshoot. A vibe may become hot if operated for a long […]