Silicone is hypoallergenic, non-absorbent and non-porous. In so many ways, it’s the perfect material for sex toys. To clean it, soap and water is sufficient.  Silicone dills can be boiled for 3-4 minutes. (Of course, that would be solid silicone toys, with no electronics – not vibrators.) They can also be cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher! You may use an adult toy cleaner, though unnecessary.

One quirk of silicone is that if it’s nicked, it’s prone to tearing. Best to keep it away from things with sharp edges like knives, teeth, and puppies.

And finally, when choosing a lubricant, steer clear of silicone lubes. These will adhere to the surface the toy. Will it wreck the toy if you do it once? No, but over time it will turn your top-quality, last-a-lifetime silicone toy into a gooey, impossible to clean mess. Not ideal!

I just noticed some tiny bubbles and maybe what looks like a pinprick on my silicone dildo. Should I be concerned?

Your toy may be hand-poured. Silicone surface bubbles, dents or divots are normal for a handcrafted toy. These little “imperfections” are akin to the weave variations in a raw silk garment or the various marks and scars on leather furniture. Totally normal.

When silicone toys are mass-produced, they sometimes have a visible seam from a two-part mold. This is because the manufacturer has used an injection molding process. Again, perfectly normal, perfectly safe.